gvSIG 2.3 RC2 available

The second gvSIG 2.3 Release Candidate (gvSIG 2.3 RC2) is now available.

We encourage you to test it and send us any errors and suggestions in the users mailing list.

The main new features of this version are:

For users:

  • PRJ format (projections) reading and writing
  • Dynamic segmentation/Linear Reference System (LRS)
  • New editing tools: change sense, curve to polyline, parallel
  • Add layer to locator from Table of Contents
  • Scripting improvements
  • R support
  • PostGIS improvements
  • CSW 2.0.2 support
  • New formats support through GDAL/OGR
  • Usability improvements
  • Language update
  • New installer compatible with 64 bits
  • Windows 64 bits distribution available
  • Distributions automatic generator
  • Debian packages automatic generator

In an arquitecture level:

  • Access to raster files through GDAL
  • Projection support through GDAL
  • Multi-geometry support

Thanks for your collaboration.